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List of Albums Produced or Engineered by Paul Gitlitz
Artist Year Album Recognition & Notes Sound Samples
Paddy Tutty 2013 The Last Holdout    
Charlotte Diamond 2011 24 Carrot Diamond    
2006 Todo El Mundo Come Banana    
2005 Sherry's Cookies Single  
2005 The Walking School Bus Single  
2001 Nous Sommes Tous Commes Le Fleurs 2003 Juno Nominee Pour que la Monde
2000 Charlotte Diamond's World (co-production) 2001 Juno Nominee, PARENTS' CHOICE 2001 HONORS AWARD, The Canadian Children's Book Centre 2001 OUR CHOICE AWARD Splishin'
1996 Diamonds & Daydreams Parents' Choice Seal of Approval, NAPPA Award Morningtown Ride
1994 Soy una Pizza American Library Award. NAPPA Award, NAPPA: National Parenting Publication Award (Los Angeles Times)  
1992 My Bear Gruff Parents' Choice Gold Award It's a Rainy Day
1990 The Christmas Gift American Library Award Petite Papa
1989 Diamonds and Dragons Parent's Choice Honors Award , Juno nominee, video released in 1990 You Can Make a Miracle
1988 Qu'il y ait Toujours le Soleil Juno nominee  
1986 Diamond in the Rough Juno nominee  
1985 10 Carrot Diamond Juno Award, Parents' Choice Classic Award, American Library Award, and Certified Canadian Gold Record, Video released in 1996, winning America Video Bronze Award Four Hugs a Day
2012 Mountain Dweller Music    
Graham Walker 2009 JUMPETY JUMP    
Mojo 2008 Wigglian Way Podcast Original pagan songs by Mojo  
Linnea Good (co-producer) 2008 Momentary Saints    
2006 God's Little Detectives    
2003 Swimmin' Like A Bird Nominated for the Vibe faith Music Awards, the prestigious Western Canadian Music Awards and the Canadian Independent Artists Award for Top Childrenís Album. Nominated for Top Childrenís Recording by Canadian Independent Artistsís Awards  
1999 Crazy Faith   The Dump
Damanta 2007 The Fall Song Single The Fall Song
Jane Cobb 2006 What Will We Do With the Baby O    
Vazzy 2006 Vazzy    
2004 Vazzy (demo)   La Vendee
Chalice and Blade 2006 The Wild Hunt Formerly Parnassus Samples
Paul Gitlitz 2005 TO HAVE AND TO HOLD Featuring my own compositions in a variety of styles. Fritz's Frolic
MP3 Blueberry Cake MP3 The Wind Blew High MP3
Rich Sobel with Suze Blake 2006 Kicking Horse Chestnuts    
Emily Cheung 2005 Recital Demo    
Matt Diamond 2005 Demo    
Andy Vine 2005 Making Waves Mastering only  
Quatro 2004 Demo    
Chris Mann 2004 Where The Wild Geese Fly (single)    
1996 Songs of the Heart    
Unplucked 1996 remastered 2003 Birds of a Feather   Lavender's Blue
Marian Rose (co-producer) 2003 Step Lively III    
1998 Step Lively II    
1998 Step Lively    
1997 Let's Dance    
Brian Robertson 2000 Saltchuck Serenade   Gillnetter's Song
Ken Waldman (producer) 2000 A Week in Eek   A Week in Eek
Robert Davidson 2000 Haida Songs (limited release)    
Amy Stephen and Andy Hillhouse 2000 Christmas Songs (limited release)    
Richard Austin 2003 Back to Beauty's Giver Mastering Only  
Rich Sobel & Catherine Smith 2002 Christmas stories II (limited Release)    
2001 Christmas stories (limited Release)    
Parnassus 2003 Parnassus    
2001 / 2002 Parnassus (EP)   Faerie Song
West Wind 2002 West Wind (demo)    
Sweet Papa Lowdown 2000 (demo)    
McCracken Educational Services (executive producers) 1999 The Tiger Sings   The Giggles
1991 Melodies of the Farm    
1990 Ginger Bread Man   Teddy Bear
1989 Songs of the Tiger   The Cat Came Back
Sixblock Radius 1998 Sixblock Radius    

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