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Teaching Private lessons on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, tenor banjo, bass or ukulele are $40.per hr. Younger children generally take 1/2 hour lessons. At the last lesson of the month fees are collected for the following month. Missed lessons can be made up if I have time available in the same week.

Recording/Mastering time is charged at $50 per hour. The rule of thumb is more songs equals greater cost. The length of the songs is not a factor.

Production fees are also negotiable on a project basis but typically include a royalties agreement of 3% of sales after the initial production costs are recouped. This does not include manufacturing. Recording this way will save money in the long run, as we stop looking at the clock and relax much more. It does require a payment in advance of half the agreed upon price. Mastering is a separate charge.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation of sessions, and the session commences at the agreed upon time regardless of late arrival.

Note that recording will usually take more time than expected. Plan on this so it doesn't come as a rude shock. Give yourself and others time to do a great job and not feel pressured.

Performances fees are negotiated on an individual basis, call or email me to discuss your event.

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